Floe Lake Backpack
Kootenay National Park
August 3-5, 2013

In 2012 we completed the northern portion of the Rockwall Trail with our friends Adam & Christina (and their dog Charlie), and Mark. Our plan that year was to complete the entire Rockwall Trail from Marble Canyon to Flow Lake. However, we ended up shortening our route and exiting via Numa Creek - and as a result we didn't visit Floe Lake.

Not wanting to complete the whole Rockwall Trail again, we picked the August long weekend to backpack in and out of Floe Lake along the Floe Lake Trail. That turned out to be a good plan, because about two week before our trip lightening sparked a fire along Numa Creek, which resulted in Parks Canada closing the section of Rockwall Trail from Numa Pass to Tumbling Pass, and the Numa Creek Trail.

Unfortunately the weather turned for a few hours on the second day, which didn't allow us to get much of a view from Numa Pass. However, the hike in and out was pleasant, and it was warm enough on the first day that we were able to go for a short swim in Floe Lake!

Overall it's a bit of a slog through some beautiful fireweed slopes and old burned timber (from the 2003 fire) to the scenic Floe Lake nestled under Floe Peak and Mount Foster. A good destination for a weekend away!