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Hike from Floe Lake to Trailhead
Kootenay National Park
August 5, 2013

Our third day began with decent weather – the clouds had stuck around but it wasn’t raining. We ate breakfast and then packed up our gear, preparing for the hike back to the trailhead. Retracing our steps along the Floe Creek Trail was as interesting as the hike in. It’s a beautiful walk through old burned tree trunks and fireweed, but after a while it gets a bit boring, especially on the way out. After dropping 400 metres down the headwall, it seemed like the trail didn’t descend much – it just rolled up and down. We finally descended into the Vermillion River valley when we could see the cutline for Highway 93 off in the distance.

We stopped briefly at the Vermillion River crossing to admire the river and take a few photos, but we were more interested in getting back to the car to stow our packs.

Distance: ~12km
Ascent: 250m
Descent: 900m
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