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Looking across the valley toward The Tower and Mount Engadine from the trail to Commonwealth Lake.Erin, Greg, Jenn, and Shawn at Commonwealth LakeShawn and Jenn at Warspite LakeBruce and Shawn near Burstall LakeShawn and Bruce on the trail to Burstall LakeJenn and Bruce on the trail to Burstall LakeBruce bushwacking toward the Burstall Pass trailJenn bushwacking to the Burstall Pass TrailThe Howse River and Mount Sarbach [3155m, left], Mount Outram [3240m, centre], and Survey Peak [2676m, right]Ice on Glacier LakeIce at Glacier Lake, and mountains (left to right) Outram [3240m], Forbes [3612m], and Division [3030m]Reflection of Mount Forbes [3612m] and Division Mountain [3030m] in Glacier LakeReflection of Mount Outram [3240m] and Mount Forbes [3612m] in Glacier LakeJenn on the Glacier River TrailMount Murchison [3333m] and Mount Sarbach [3155m] from the Glacier Lake TrailNorth Saskatchewan River Bridge on the Glacier Lake TrailCanmore and the Bow Valley from the Lady Macdonald TrailThe Three Sisters [2694m, 2769m, 2936m] and CanmoreGrotto Mountain [2706m] from Mount Lady MacdonaldJenn and Shawn in front of the Bow Valley and Mount Rundle, from Mount Lady Macdonald