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Starry night sky in Jasper at the Wabasso Campground.Starry night sky in Jasper at the Wabasso Campground.
Camping at Wabasso Camground
Jasper National Park
August 30 - September 2, 2013

On the Labour Day long weekend we drove west to get a couple hikes in Jasper this year. Instead of the usual long weekend backpacking trip, we decided to camp at the Wabasso front-country campground, about 16km south of the Jasper townsite.

The weather over the weekend was absolutely spectacular, starting with the first night when we arrived. After setting up our tent (in the dark), we turned off our headlamps and were treated to a spectacular starry night sky. We were treated to the same spectacle on Saturday and Sunday night as well, and the Northern Lights even came out briefly!

Saturday we hiked up to the Cavell Meadows - www.​shawnbenbow.​ca/​cavellmeadows2013

Sunday we hiked up the Bald Hills near Maligne Lake - www.​shawnbenbow.​ca/​baldhills2013
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