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The Spray Valley Trail Map.The Spray Valley Trail Map. You can hike, cycle, fat bike, and snow shoe.James on the trail.A sign conveniently located on a tree.High Rockies Trail.A view of the trail through the trees.James, Walter, and Jenn on the trail.The trail through the trees.James taking a break on the trail.James on the trail with Jenn and Walter following behind.Walter crying on the trail.A helpful sign telling us to go right.James looking at the sign.Hiking up the trail with Mount Lougheed between the trees.Mount Sparrowhawk [3121m] is the sloped mountain to the right, behind the tree is Mount Lougheed  [3107m], and the next peak is also Mount Lougheed NW1 [3100m].Mount Lougheed.Looking South over Spray Lake.Looking South over Spray Lake.Shawn and James on the trail.Jenn and Walter hiking up to Shawn and James.