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Jenn, James, and Shawn at the Swansea Mountain summit.Jenn, James, and Shawn at the Swansea Mountain summit.
Swansea Mountain trail kiosk.Jenn getting reading to hike to the top of Swansea Mountain.James and Shawn getting ready to hike to the summit of Swansea Mountain.The Swansea Mountain summit.The large green silo (perhaps a weather station, or a spaceship) on the highest point of Mount Swansea.Summit panorama on Swansea Mountain. View is south (left), west (toward Invermere), north (along the valley) to the southeast (right).While we were on the summit, we watched an airplane tow a glider from the Invermere airport into the sky.Town of Invermere on Windermere Lake.Town of Invermere on Windermere Lake.North side of Invermere in the Columbia Valley.Invermere and the northern Windermere Lake in the Columbia Valley.Steamboat Mountain [1879m] in the Columbia Valley from Swansea Mountain.Columbia River north of Invermere.Airplane towing a glider in the Columbia Valley.Airplane towing a glider in the Columbia Valley.20140922-12-50-06-9035The airplane released the glider above Swansea Mountain while we were watching.20140922-12-50-49-905420140922-12-51-03-9060Glider above the Columbia Valley.