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Grassi Lakes
Canmore Nordic Centre Provincial Park
August 18, 2013

Needing to stretch our legs and enjoy the outdoors, but not wanting anything strenuous, Shawn and Jenn met Andrew in Canmore and drove a few kilometres to the Grassi Lakes Day Use Area, near the bottom of the Canmore Hill.

For all the time we've spent in Canmore, we've never taken this short hike. Well, it's more of a walk, but its great for people who don't normally hike or for families to take their children. There are two routes up, the 'easy' way (an old road), and the 'more difficult' way (an actual trail that has some stone steps and is a bit steeper in sections).

We went up the 'more difficult' trail and came down the 'easy' road. I would suggest that's the way most people should approach this loop. Note that the waterfall can only be seen from the 'more difficult' trail.

The two Grassi Lakes are quite neat and great to photograph. The colours are amazing, and the water is super clear. There's also a number of climbing routes near the second lake, so there's opportunities to brush up on your climbing skills or watch people ascend the cliff face.

Trip Length: 4.5km
Cumulative Ascent/Descent: 225m
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