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Andrew at the Elephant RocksAndrew at the Elephant Rocks
Chester Lake Snowshoe
Peter Lougheed Provincial Park, Kananaskis Country
January 23, 2011

After a long day skiing at Sunshine Village, Andrew, Jenn, and Shawn took the short snowshoe trail from the Smith-Dorrien/Spray Trail (just south of the Spray Lakes). The snowshoe trail winds its way through the trees, on a completely different alignment from the summer trail. The ski trail to Chester Lake roughly follows the summer trail, which follows along the wide old roadbead.

Just past Chester Lake we continued on to the 'Elephant Rocks' where we had some hot chocolate before returning back to the trailhead. In all, the trail is about 4km each way with an elevation gain of about 350m.
Chester Lake TrailheadAndrew at the Chester Lake TrailheadJenn putting on her snowshoesShawn at the Chester Lake TrailheadAndrew and Jenn starting off up the trailAndrew and Jenn starting off up the trailChester Lake Trail through the treesAndrew and Jenn contemplating the snowPoor little tree!Andrew along the Chester Lake trailJenn taking a photo of AndrewShawn on the Chester Lake trailJenn and AndrewFollow the snowshoerAndrew along the Chester Lake trailChester Lake Trail through the treesAndrew along the Chester Lake trailSnowy treesAndrew and ShawnFallen, Snowy tree