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Chester Lake, Fall 2012
Peter Lougheed Provincial Park
September 23, 2012

We spent the previous day on the 22km Larch Valley/Paradise Valley loop, so we were all feeling it in the legs in the morning. But, since the forecast was for a nice day and the larches were fantastically golden, Andrew joined Jenn and myself on a short haul up to Chester Lake.

On the way, we saw two moose near the Mount Shark Road intersection. Because we were only going to Chester Lake, we were able to stop and spend a few minutes taking photos of the moose.

Continuing on to Chester Lake, the trail was busy, but certainly not as busy as the Larch Valley Trail the day before. The parking lot was only about 20% full when we arrived (but was almost full when we left).

We began the ascent along the old road, and made it to Chester Lake in good time. We stopped for some snacks, and then continued the extra 200m to the Elephant Rocks.

Andrew and Shawn climbed up to the top of the tallest Elephant Rock, and snapped some nice photos of the surrounding areas. The golden larch trees gave the area a very nice hue.

Afterwards, we descended down to the trailhead and began the trip back to Edmonton after a very rewarding weekend.

Trip Length: 10km
Cumulative Ascent/Descent: 400m
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