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Canada Day 2012 in Canmore
July 1, 2012

Jenn, Shawn, and Bruce participated in the Canada Day Fun Run, an annual 8 kilometre race in downtown Canmore. Jenn came in at 53:14, Shawn was 40:41, and Bruce was at 46:20. We all did okay, especially since Jenn and Shawn hiked up Mount Lady Macdonald the day before. We were all relatively slow compared to many of the other racers, but after realizing that the event was organized by the Canmore Nordic Ski Club, we didn't feel so bad!

After the run, we took a walk up grotto canyon - you can see photos of that here: www.shawnbenbow.ca/GrottoCanyon - and then made our way back to watch the fireworks in Millennium Park in Canmore.
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