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Jenn and Shawn at Windy RidgeJenn and Shawn at Windy Ridge
Shawn eating his oatmeal and coffee for breakfastJenn with her oatmeal and tea for breakfast. Mount Assiniboine is just barely visible from the cooking shelter.One of the cooking shelters at the Lake Magog Campground.Tap water at Lake Magog CampgroundTap water at Lake Magog CampgroundCooking Shelter at Lake Magog Campground, looking south toward Mount MagogMount Magog [3095m] and Mount Assiniboine [3618m] from the shore of Lake MagogThe entire Mount Assiniboine Massif from Lake MagogNaiset Point [2820m], Mount Magog [3095m] and Mount Assiniboine [3618m] from Lake MagogMount Assiniboine [3618m], Wedgewood Peak [3030m], and Sunburst Peak [2830m] from Lake MagogA small snowpatch between Mount Assiniboine (to the left) and Mount Strom (to the right). The Hind Hut is somewhere in this area.Col on the west side of Mount AssiniboineMount Assiniboine [3618m]Mount Magog [3095m] and Mount Assiniboine [3618m] from the shore of Lake MagogMount Cautley from near the Assiniboine LodgeHeadwall above Lake Magog. This is the route through which most people begin the climb to Mount Assiniboine.Mount Assiniboine trail ascending from the Lake Magog CampgroundNub Ridge from near the Assiniboine LodgeOur trip to Og Pass and Windy Ridge had us backtracking a few kilometres along the trail we hiked from Og Lake to Lake Magog a few days priorJenn on the Og Lake Trail